Prince Capital Partners, SCR

Acronym: PCP


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Torsa Capital SGECR, S.A. (TORSA)
Address: Avenida de la Constitución 88, 1°D. 33207 Gijón (Spain)
Phone: 985 17 40 29

Description:  this entity focusses in investments in Spanish companies with potential for growth and expansion, prioritising companies that are undergoing a process of business consolidation.

This entitity was set up on 18 February 2008.

Financing stages: development capital . 

Geographic preferences: Spain, with special interest in Asturias.

Sector preferences: generalist.

Investment type: between € 1 million and € 3 million, for a period of 5 years (with the possibility of co-investing with other Funds or Venture Capital Companies, thus enabling us to undertake operations that can reach the sum of €20 million).

Typical investee: unlisted small and medium companies, located in Spain, in expansion, share re-structuring or management-buy-out processes. 

Portfolio: Masquepet S.R.L, Coonic y Azvase. 

Participants: Global Invest SA, Inversiones Coceña SL, CMC XXI SL, Valle Ballina Fernández SA, Esbelso SL, Ayala Asesores SLU, Global Procesos Corporación 2000 SA, Veltorsa Inversiones SL, Altai 2000 e Inversiones Ferba, Álvarez del Valle SL, Catavi SL, Regismera SL, Impact 5, José Castro Alonso, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija de Madrid y las familias Blanco Larraínzar y Fernández Ferro.

Other investment criteria: this entity seeks to invest in any growing company with expansion potential and proven competitive advantages, in addition to an experienced management team.