Addquity Growth Capital

Acronym: Addquity


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Addquity Growth Capital S.A. (Addquity)
Address: Calle Alcalá, 119, 3º Derecha. 28009 Madrid (Spain).
Phone: +34 911250856

Description: this entity is an investment company aimed at participating in capital of consolidated companies with strong growth potential and projection in international markets and projects based on value creation in the medium to long term.
This entity was set up in 2011
Financing stages: development capital.
Geographical  preferences:  Spain.
Sector preferences: generalist.
Typical investee: companies with a single business line.
Portfolio: Ezzing solar, Geanet and Cintya Vila.
Other investment criteria: the investee companies must be business generating liquidity capable of producing cash flow; companies with a single business line; outstanding management team: well-managed companies that do not focus on future prospects but that have a solid path; good businesses with sustainable competitive advantage; companies that can be purchased at a right price and have a basic economic heath and strength to overcome the difficulties and professionals who are passionate about their work and have personal affinity among them.