H.I.G. European Capital Partners II

Acronym: H.I.G Europe


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H.I.G. European Capital Partners Spain, S.L.U. (HIG)

Address: Calle Alfonso XII 38, 5ª planta. 28014 Madrid (Spain).

Phone: +34 917375050

Fax: +34 917375049

Site: http://higcapital.es/

eMail: info@higcapital.com

Description: HIG Europe focusses in investments in in lower middle-market companies primarily in Western Europe.

Vintage year: July 2013.

Financing stages: private equity, buyout (LBOs or leveraged buy outs) and growth capital.

Geographic preferences: Western Europe.

Sector preferences: generalist, with special interest in services, manufacturing and technology sectors.

Typical investment: between € 5 and 60 million, in exchange of majority positions. 

Typical investee: small and medium enterprises, with income up to € 800 millions (depending on specific sector), with high-quality and added-value products, a good growth expectations and with commited management teams, ready to take significant shareholgins in their business.

Portfolio: Investees portfolio of the entity managing this fund (HIG Europe) includes:  7(S) Personal, ARMetallizing, Bezier, Brand Addition, DSD, The Engine Group, Fibercore, FNZ, Groupe CTI, Haltermann, Hanlo, H•C•S Group, Kondor, Looping, Losberger, Silentnight Group, Smallsteps, Synseal, Thane International, Tres60 and Walter Services.

Investment criteriaHIG Europe prefers to invest in companies which: