Espiga Capital Inversión, SCR, S.A

Acronym: Espiga Inversion


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Espiga Capital Gestión SGECR, S.A (Espiga Capital)

Address: Calle Virgen de los Peligros 6. 28013 Madrid (Spain).

Phone: +34 915317277

Fax: +34 915312552



Description: this is a private equity firm that invests in Spanish and Portuguese small and medium companies with a market leadership position, a proven historic profitability and a sustainable growth plan. 
The firm was established in 1998 and, jointly with con Espiga Capital Inversión II, both evergreen investment vehicles, manages an aggregate amount of circa 70 million euro. 

Financing stages: control takeover operations (Buyouts: MBO, MBI, OBO) and development capital. 

Geographic preferences: Spain and Portugal.

Sector preferences: generalist, excluding financial and real estate sectors. 

Typical investment: equity investments ranging from 5 to 20 million euro, in exchange of majority stakes in the share capital or minority but significant shareholdings, as a general rule. 

Typical investee:   consolidated business projects (around €20 million of sales and €2 million of earnings before interests and taxes), with high returns on capital employed and a proven track record of positive cash flow generation, which have sustainable growth plans and, preferably, which operate within niches with high entry barriers, products or services with competitive advantages.

Investees by the managing entity of this society are: Ydilo, Pool CP, m30 stands and Lékué.

Participants: this entity manages funds of Grupo Caja Rural and individual investors.

Investment criteria: management team of the project must be solid, capable and motivated, be commited with the project and participate in the share capital (sharing risks and benefits) and agree with Espiga an attractive business plan.