Vivergi Social Impact Fund

Acronym: Vivergi


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Ambar Capital y Expansión, SGECR, S.A. (AMBAR)

Address: Calle Serrano 57, 3ª planta. 28006 Madrid (Spain).

Phone: +34 914261900



Description:  This fund, formerly named “ReStart Enterprise and Growth, FCR”, is focused in accelerating the success of early-stage social entrepreneurs that are solving social and environmental challenges through business.

Vintage year: 2014. The fund is expected to be alive for 8 years, with the possibility to extend 2 additional years .

Financing: start-up capital.

Geographical  preferences: Spain.

Industry preferences: food and agriculture, health and wellbeing, education, environment and social inclusion.

Typical investment: equity investments between € 500,000 and 6 million, usually, in tranches.

Typical investee: social entrepreneurs.

Fund participants: FOND-ICO and other private investors from traditional funds of Ambar Capital y Expansión and Axis.

Investment criteria: this fund is looking for projects with social impact, financial profitability, scalability which are promoted by entrepreneurs with social vision, committed and motivated and with leadership and experience.