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Foto de Marta Negretto

Marta Negretto

Food To Be Free

Titolare at Mailor srls, San Bonifacio

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MailorVeg Vegan Organic Gluten free Food. Company operating at national and European level in the world of Gluten Free Foods and food intolerances (dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free, Vegan Gluten free and bio vega gluten). Our company has as its goal the creation of partnerships with selected partners for the international distribution of bran MailorVeg


"Mailor "it is a company founded by people with skill and passion.
Marta Negretto, CEO of "Mailor" gluten-free products distribution company and owner of
the brand MailorVeg only truly artisan line Vegan gluten free Italian.
He began his experience in the distribution of food for food intolerances (sectors: Pharma,
Specialty Shops, Horeca and C) in 2008 by collaborating with various companies in the
gluten-free sector.
Decided to take this route because celiac and understanding the difficulties in obtaining a
wide range of products, is rooted in her the desire to provide a celiac, intolerant and people
with issues related to food a better quality of life.


We strongly believe in innovation and continuous search of exclusive food intolerances. Why
in 2015 the idea to create a vegan gluten-free line for everyone.
Our mission is to provide better quality products to all of the past because we are convinced
that the taste, quality and above all not product safety never debbamancare ..
MailrVeg is a completely artisan vegan gluten-free line, this has allowed us to give the
customer the products from unicii tastes.
We just received certification by the certification Bio Bios on some product lines and we are
developing some new features not present in any European market.

Who we work for:
• the vegans
• for Celiacs
• the Intolerant
• Bio market
• The consumer health-conscious

The characteristics of the MailoVre:eg line a
Vegan – Gluten & (Vegan – Organic Gluten free-)
Gluten free – without milk – no eggs – Yeast – Lactose.
Some references are Bio
Italian products from raw materials and all products are created in laboratories artiginali
Italian certified gluten-free.