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Foto de Diego Tasselli

Diego Tasselli

The Space show with us

CEO at TS Corporation Srl, Andrate

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Founded in 2008, the TS Corporation reached quickly a leading role among the institution qualified search in the aerospace industry, proving to provide high quality and "rapid-solutions", in a very demanding and selective market. With registered office in Andrate (TO), operational headquarters in Taviano (LE), and offices and laboratories at the opening in Dakar (Republic of Senegal) and Rabat (Morocco), the TS Corporation makes use of highly qualified professional skills and constantly updated researchers and technicians from major scientific institutions and national and international universities. In all its research facilities (Astronomical Observatories, Research Laboratories and Computing Centres), will perform daily at the hands of the departments in which it is structured, research and development activities aimed at improving the quality of life. TS Corporation is listed in the National List of research centers supervised by the Ministry of Education (Ministry of University and Research) at the National Identity Research, the number 60148CMX, both in the list of the European Union Security Research Projects Database, as well as in EU register the number 715951113489-25. The international vocation is confirmed by participation in research and innovation projects promoted by the European Commission.


The institution of research is recognized as an excellent partner for all the needs of different segments of the Research and Scientific Consulting, being able to provide solutions in the following areas: – Astronomy and Astrophysics – Metereology and Study of Climate Change – Environment and Territory – Space Exploration – Astrobiology – Geology and Geophysics – Archaeology – Scientific Disclosure – Renewable Energy (consulting and services for government and private)