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Foto de Giuseppe Caputo

Giuseppe Caputo

Enthusiastic and versatile expert in research and innovation project management and business development

Scientific officer at UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI TORINO, Torino

BiotechnologyBusiness aspectsEconomic AspectsInnovation, Technology TransferLife SciencesMaterials TechnologyNanotechnology and NanosciencesRenewable Sources of Energy Business AnalysisMaterialsNanoBiotechnologyNanomaterialsNanomedicineNanotechnologies

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Currently Scientific Officer at Research Directorate of the University of Torino. Main duties are support of researchers in the application and management of R&D&I international projects, mainly in the areas of industrial and key enabling technologies. Business Coach for EASME, the European Agency for Small and medium Enterprises. Background in Chemistry (MSc), graduated at University of Torino in 1991. Master in Business Administration from University of Torino School of Management in 2009. Past experience in industrial R&D in medical diagnostics, biosensors and life science reagents and laboratory tools. From 2000 focus on R&D in nanotechnology and biotechnology: design and development of nanohybrids for hi-tech applications. Research experience on innovative energy harvesting concepts and devices. Wide experience on R&D projects writing and management and industrial intellectual property management. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of ASP (Association for the Promotion of the Scientific and Technological Development of Piedmont). Former entrepeneur and academic spin-off founder and manager. Past experience as CEO and CSO in several high-tech SMEs in the field of life sciences and renewable energy.


• 2008-2009 Master in Business Administration, School of Management, University of Torino
• 2005 Training Course for entrepreneurial skills, COREP, Torino
• 1984-1991 Masters degree in Chemistry, University of Torino
• 1978-1983 Sciences Diploma, Liceo Scientifico G. De Lorenzo, Lagonegro

Current employment
• From May 2015 Scientific Officer at Common Strategic Task Force, University of Torino, Torino

Past professional experience
• May 2012 – April 2015 Consultant senior at Metec Network, Torino
• April 2013 – December 2014 Chief Scientific Officer at Pianeta s.r.l., Settimo Torinese
• October 2009 – December 2012 Project Manager at the Department of Advanced Science and Technologies of the University of Eastern Piedmont, EU project INNOVASOL
• April 2009 – July 2009 Business Coaching for the University of Torino’s spin-off companies through the School of Business Administration of the University and the Italian Ministry of Economics Learning Programme FIxO – Azione 4
• July 2006 – April 2013 Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Cyanine Technologies S.p.A., academic spin off of the University of Torino, Torino
• April 2006 – October 2008 Technical Director at ASP – Project NANOMAT, Torino
• January 2006 – October 2006 Consultant at COREP, Torino
• April 2004 – December 2004 Consultant at Visen Medical Inc., Woburn (USA)
• June 2003- December 2012 Project Manager at the Department of Chemistry and Centre of Excellence NIS of the University of Torino, EU project IFCA and Piedmont region project NANOCONTACT
• March 2003 – April 2004 Chief Scientific Officer at Fiuotecnica s.r.l., Metaponto
• June 1999 – November 2002 Founder and CEO of Innosense s.r.l., academic spin-off of the University of Torino, Colleretto Giacosa
• January 1999 – May 1999 Senior Researcher at Dideco S.p.A., Mirandola
• September 1992 – December 1998 Researcher at Sorin Biomedica Cardio S.p.A., Saluggia
• January 1992 – August 1992 Researcher at Sorin Biomedica S.p.A. Diagnostics Business Unit, Saluggia

Further professional activities
• From October 2015 Business Coach for EASME to help the SME Instrument beneficiaries to progress over the life cycle of their innovation, from idea to proof of concept, to first pilot application and finally upscaling and expansion
• From 2000 to 2009 Lecturer of Applied Biochemistry at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Torino
• Scientific reviewer for international journals in the fields of Chemistry and Nanotechnology.
• Expert evaluator of research, development and innovation projects for Sviluppo Toscana and Sardegna Ricerche, two regional agencies managing public funds for the financing of R+D+I projects. Expert evaluator for Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France
• President of the Evaluation Commision of project ideas in the framework of the Innovative Start-up Call of the Cottino Foundation


I have a wide know-how in nanotechnology and nanomaterials design and manufacturing specifically in the field of life sciences applications as well as in 3rd generation photovoltaics.
I have experience in knowledge and technology transfer, spin-off creation and management, intellectual property management, business development and strategic planning.
I am an active promoter of interdisciplinarity in R&D projects and my drivers are enthusiasm in science and technological research and determination in reaching the objectives. I love to work in a team but I also like to take my personal responsibilities.
Strong team leadership and team members motivation attitude.