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The support for participation of Slovak institutions in FP6

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Best traditions in science and technology and existing educational and cultural potentials create good conditions for the gradual improvement of the Slovak participation in FP6. In spite of good scientific level of the Slovak Universities, Institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences, many industrial research institutions and many high-tech SMEs, there are many obstacles to hinder for better participation of Slovak subjects including SMEs in FP5 and FP6 projects.

In order to overcome these obstacles, it is necessary to set up organizational assumptions and realization of supported actions to increase the participation of Slovak institutions including SMEs in FP6 projects. Therefore project will improve information structures by revitalization of Slovak Information and Consultation Academic Network (SIKAS) and interconnection with Slovak NCPs network.

The insufficient information about potential possibilities of research and SMEs subjects to participate in FP6 will be overcome by creation of databases, network, web sites and publications that will be available for member states and associated candidate countries. For overcome obstacles to hinder SMEs participation in FP6 projects, the training sessions for innovative Slovak SMEs will be organized by Novitech Partner that will cover all Slovak regions. Two permanent consulting centres for SME will be set up to assist in elaboration of project proposals and provide partner search services.

For overcome language barrier in SMEs with low-level English will be solved by publishing Slovak guide How to participate and to be successful in FP6 and web site of SARC with specialized part for SMEs needs. Further, the project will support better participation of Slovak research teams by creation of database, network and publication about top quality research centres to create international consortia from both member state and candidate counties.


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