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Next Generation Hybrid Interfaces for Spintronic Applications

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-The development of conceptually new materials following a double beyond trend, that is going beyond CMOS with beyond silicon materials, is one of the most challenging issues for the next generation of products for Information and Communication applications. Future devices for information processing able to increase the public wealth and occupation require a further material downscaling, together with a considerable reduction of power consumption and associated costs. While there exist still some room for moving in this direction inside the silicon field, it is widely accepted that the development of new materials and new paradigms is becoming increasingly imperative.
The project HINTS faces these ICT challenges by combining naturally downscalable materials, organic semiconductors, with low energy consumption information processing via spintronic effects. More explicitly, the main objective of the proposal is developing novel hybrid organic-inorganic materials featuring interfaces with conceptually new electric and magnetic behaviour. The definition conceptually new includes a considerable modification of charge-spin transfer efficiency (quantitative case) and, on the other hand, and abrupt modification of the selection rules at such interfaces (qualitative case).
HINTS involves both academics and industrial partners focused on potential application, ensuring en effective exploitation of results.-


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