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"Promoting Technology Transfer of Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies"

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-ProNano aims at validating new practices to remove the major barriers that prevent results out of scientific research projects on nanotechnology field from reaching market applications: market barriers, technology barriers, financial barriers, managerial barriers. Managed by experienced innovation consultant firms and venture capitalist from several European countries, and involving European and national nanotechnology networks and platforms, ProNano promotes existing results of scientific research projects available in EU research centres that have not yet been exploited, through assistance to the entrepreneurial teams connected to such research work. First, existing research results are identified and screened for evaluation of their commercial potential. The technical information is completed by a business-relevant analysis of technological competitive markets, road maps to financing, and management issues leading to draft business plans. Then, potential entrepreneurs and investors are associated to this process and coached by technology transfer and innovation professionals including specialists in venture capital/ private equity financing and banking instruments. The promising nanotechnologies are made ready to be licensed for sale to industry or developed into business proposals for start-up companies. ProNano ultimately aims at closing investment deals to prove the approach successful (completing full financing rounds to venture capital investors/established businesses, or licensing agreements). Lessons learnt during the project and policy recommendations are presented to the broad public at a final event.-


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