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The development and scale-up of innovative nanotechnology-based processes into the value chain of the lubricants market

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-The objective of the AddNano project is to investigate the prospects for overcoming the many existing technological barriers in the supply and usage chain, towards the establishment of a large scale market introduction of a new generation of fluid lubricants incorporating nanomaterials. The AddNano consortium combines technological expertise and industrial representation from all parts of the prospective value chain to investigate the development of new nano-based lubricants. Fluid lubricants are used in almost every field of human technological activity and their purpose is multifold: they reduce frictional resistance, protect the engine against wear between contacting surfaces, remove wear debris, reduce heating and contribute to cooling, improve fuel economy, improve emissions. Advanced nanomaterials recently developed, such as inorganic fullerene-like materials (IF’s) and others, have shown some initial promise for their contribution to reducing friction and enhancing protection against wear. If able to be developed into full commercial-scale production, if they can be incorporated in a stable fashion into full formulations, and if their performance benefits relative to the best of conventional technologies can be sustained under those circumstances, they offer the prospect for some performance breakthroughs not seen since the development of the now ubiquitous anti-wear additives, Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphates (ZDDP’s), around 70 years ago. Within engine oils and other lubricant applications, such as transmission fluids, and for greases used in rotational bearings, the potential exists for lubricants containing nanomaterials to significantly reduce friction and enhance machine durability. This can contribute to substantial energy savings, reduced equipment maintenance and longer machine lifetime.-


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