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"Integrated cost-effective construction process for transport infrastructures, based on a flexible industrialisation of FRP components"

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-Polymer based manufactured components for construction applications have been designed, developed and demonstrated in European projects such as HP FUTURE-Bridge, SAFEFLOOR and MEGAWIND. The results are very promising regarding customer requirements, quality, technical and economical feasibility and the favourable impact of using this kind of composite-based components in terms of sustainability, safety and quality of life. However, there is a need to industrialise the whole construction process of the Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) components in order to really achieve these results. Further integration of the entire supply and value chain is needed, as well as the development of a high technology for design and manufacturing of FRP components, to transform on-site construction to off-site manufacturing. The overall objective of the Trans-IND project is to develop a cost-effective integrated construction process that will enable the maximum capability of industrialisation of components for transport infrastructures (road and pedestrian bridges, underpass, containing walls, acoustic and safety barriers) using polymer based materials (carbon fibre, glass fibre ). It will be demonstrated, as a pilot case, for components of a bridge (beams and preslabs) due to a higher complexity in the bridge components manufacturing and assembly compared to other applications.-


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