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PITHIAnano: Advanced BEM software for nano-composites

Development of PITHIAnano, an advanced simulation software based on the Boundary Element Method.

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Published by @Sotiris_Kokkinos
03 May 2016

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Project description

Composite materials consisting of a matrix medium and inclusions having at least one dimension in the order of nanometres are called nanocomposites. In most industrial application, nanocomposites consist of a polymeric matrix containing ceramic or metallic Nano-inclusions with nanotubes and Nano platelets gaining more attention. Comparing to micro composites, nanocomposites have some remarkable properties, such as large concentrations and extensive interfacial area per volume of particles, which improve considerably the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of the final material. Comprehensive understanding of how each nanoparticle interacts with the surrounding medium and the other nanoparticles is of paramount importance for nanocomposite design and optimization. To this goal, computer methods offer a remarkable tool allowing one to perform a plethora of parametric studies which otherwise would require expensive experiments to be contacted. This helps to save money and to reduce the time for the new nanocomposite development.

PITHIAnano is an advanced software based on the Boundary Element Method, able to solve large scale elastic and electromagnetic problems with more than two millions degrees of freedom. More precisely PITHIAnano is able to provide:
• Displacement, strain and stress fields in matrix, nanoparticles and interfaces of the nanocomposite.
• Effective static and dynamic elastic properties of the nanocomposite.
• Dispersion and attenuation of elastic waves propagating through the nanocomposite.
• Size effects appearing with the size of nanoparticles.
• Effect of clustering on the material properties of nanocomposite.
• Electromagnetic properties of nanocomposites.
• Attenuation of electromagnetic waves propagating through the nanocomposite.
• Optical properties of nanocomposites with a high fraction of metal nanoparticles
• Fracture mechanics predictions for nanocracks in the matrix of the composite

Project abstract

Development of PITHIAnano, an advanced simulation software based on the Boundary Element Method.


FEAC Engineering is the project coordinator located in Patras – Region of Western Greece.
University of Patras, Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering is a project partner.

We are looking for a SME company that is planning to develop a new nanocomposite material . FEAC will provide all the necessary simulation study using PITHIAnano. Partner’s contribution to the proposal would be the experimental evidence of the simulation results that we will provide for the suggested Nano-composite.

In case you are interested please contact Mr. Sotiris Kokkinos ( – brief profile of your company – size of your SME – potential role and benefit from the proposal