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Eczacibasi Building Products Group (EBP) is the largest division of Eczacibasi Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Turkey, in terms of work force and turnover.The group has 6 plants in Turkey located in Bozuyuk (Bilecik), Gebze (İzmit) and Tuzla (Istanbul) and 9 plants in Germany, France and Russia. The annual production capacity of the Group includes 5 million units of ceramic sanitary ware, 37,5 million m2 of ceramic coating material, 3 million faucets, 350 thousand bath tubs and shower trays and 340 thousand modules of bathroom furniture.VitrA, Burgbad, Villeroy and Boch and Engers are the main brands of the group.
Eczacibasi Building Products Group’s VitrA Innovation Center was set up in 2011 with an investment of 15 million TL at the Bilecik Bozuyuk production campus and gathers all of the R&D teams of the Group under the same roof, all committed to innovation as a corporate value. The center prioritizes market and technology-focused innovation efforts and carries out research, design, development and production activities in new bathroom and tile materials, processes and technologies. Areas such as nanotechnology, electronics, water and energy, sensor technology, acoustics, ergonomics and composite materials are explored in the center. VitrA Innovation Center has expertise mainly in following areas:
•Material science: developing and applying functional coatings on different surfaces such as antifingerprint, antislip, antibacterial, hydrophobic, glossy&scratch resistant, easy cleaning coatings on ceramics, metal and glass surfaces; aerogel and different polymer coatings in order to create warmer and lighter materials; PVD coatings on ceramics to increase resistance to scratches; photocatalytic and self-cleaning coatings on tile surfaces; developing flexible and easily formable materials and tiles with insulation, super slim ceramic products, geopolymers, composite materials, etc.
•Mechanical Design and CAE (computer-aided engineering): design and development of ceramic sanitaryware products, faucets, concealed cisterns, bathroom accessories, furnitures and bath&showering areas by using the most up-to-date design tools and simulate their working conditions before production. There is also an expert production team in the factories turning these designs and developments into real products.
•Testing and Validation: functional performance tests according to desired standards.
•Electronic Systems: bringing smart solutions to bathrooms by the use of latest sensor technologies; developing touchless products, use of IoT, etc.
With this expertise, it tries to develop innovative and sustainable products and processes and it can participate in projects both in research& development stages and also in pilot trials and demonstration.

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