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University of Dubrovnik is one of the youngest Croatian public universities, founded in 2003. UNIDU’s modern development is based on a long tradition that goes back to the 17th century when “Collegium Ragusinum” was established. It was the first public institution of higher education in the “Republic of Ragusa” (14th – 19th century). Nowadays, the University of Dubrovnik stands out for the variety of academic programs offered, its organization and technical equipment as well as for its unique geographical position (“Dubrovnik is the Pearl of the Adriatic sea”).
The main characteristics of the University of Dubrovnik are:
Organisation system which does not copy the existing universities in the Republic of Croatia and the financing which grants complete integration of the University;
• Departments for studies and professional courses, with organisation and implementation of scientific and highly professional work in a given field;
• Realisation of educational plans and programs that are completely compatible with the Bologna Declaration;
• Guarantee of transfer of ECTS credits and of mobility of students and lecturers;
• Stimulation of active involvement of students in the education process, governing bodies and research projects, and extra–curricula activities;
• Continuous monitoring of the quality of educational activities based on mutual evaluation of students and lecturers;
• Stimulation of educational and scientific improvement of lecturers and their assistants;
• Monitoring needs of the economy and of the social community in the preparation of new educational plans and programs which are based on the cultural tradition of Dubrovnik, while, at the same time, introducing new modern programs which should create new traditions;
• Openness towards the international co–operation with the aim of attracting international programs and foreign students.
The Bologna Declaration was implemented in the academic year 2004/2005. All UNIDU study programmes comply with the Bologna regulations in full. At the University of Dubrovnik there are 17 undergraduate studies, 14 graduate studies, 7 postgraduate PhD studies, two of which are coordinated by UNIDU, and others are carried out in collaboration with other higher education institutions in Croatia. UNIDU has developed a strong cooperation with local authorities (at the city and county level). UNIDU is currently in the process of building new premises for its students, such as student halls of residence and the campus. Both of these projects are enjoying a great support from the city and the county representatives. Development of Dubrovnik as a “University city” is one of the main strategic goals of both the city and the county.

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