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ITENE is a Technological Center created as a private association with non-profit objectives in the national field. It has been founded on 30 May in 1994. The center promotes, generally and for any type of business, the scientific research, technological advancement, the development of information society and the promotion of sustainability in the packaging, logistics, transport and mobility areas. ITENE activities contribute directly or indirectly to the overall benefit of society and because of this, it is an organization: •Declared as Public Utility Authority (BOE Nº 115, May 12, 2004). •Shelter into the special Tax Regime regulated by the Title II of Law 49/2002 of Sponsorships incentives taxes. •Associated Unit of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). •Registered in the Center of Innovation and Technology with the Nº 63, according to Royal Decree 2093/2008 of 19 December. •Registered as Transfer Office of Investigation Results.

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