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MESAP (Smart Products and Manufacturing) gathers companies and other entities operating in innovation in the mechatronics industry.
Mesap is an Innovation Cluster with public endorsement from the Piedmont Region.

The final goal of MESAP’s actions is to strengthen and complement local supply chains, enhancing their competitiveness all over the world, through:
technology transfer (from research centres to firms and among firms)
international expansion (both for business and research)
236 members:
2 universities
10 research centres
191 Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
33 large Companies
MESAP Members are located in all phases of the supply chain with different level of integration
MESAP includes top level specialization in integration of mechanics, electronics, control science and advanced mechanics.
13 application sectors: automotive and operation machines, aerospace, manufacturing plants and machine/robotics, energy&environment, ICT, biomedicine, railway, household machines, food and agriculture, buildings/civil engineering, chemical, naval technologies and boating, textile, nanotechnologies, printers.

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