• Call for proposals opening: 15/01/2016
  • Proposals submission deadline: 15/04/2016 (17.00 Brussels time/CET)
  • NEW DEADLINE: 13/05/2016 (17.00 Brussels time/CET)
    IMPORTANT: If the project proposal has a partner funded by KIT-PTKA (Germany) the German partner must submit a draft proposal in German to the KIT-PTKA until 15/04/2016 (24:00 Berlin time).
  • Communication to the proposals coordinators: 30/09/2016
  • Start of projects: Indicative January 2017. Please contact your Funding Agency

Transnational Call 2016

INCOMERA, established as an ERA-NET project supported by the European Commission, is an initiative of governmental R&D&I funding bodies in Germany, Greece, Iceland, Tuscany, Veneto and Piemont (Italy), Flanders and Wallonia (Belgium), Alsace and Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France), Hungary, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Andalusia, Galicia and Valencia (Spain) and Turkey

INCOMERA’s goal is to establish cross-border partnerships between SMEs and their strategic partners, improve and accelerate technology transfer, and strengthen European efforts to achieve sustainable industrial development in the field of NMP thematic Area.

INCOMERA aims at fostering the coordination of a series of trans-regional programmes dedicated to research and innovation within the highly innovative and technology based themes of Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies.

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The objective of INCOMERA is to bridge the gap between proof of concept validated in a laboratory, and industrialisation and commercialisation. Projects funded with INCOMERA should take up results at laboratory level and bring them to the level of a pilot-line and/or to a functional demonstrator validated by end-users.

More specifically INCOMERA funds projects with at least one of the following action lines:

Product Innovation

To develop an end-user product innovation, possibly leading to market application. This requires to move from a development and test in a laboratory environment to a development and test under realistic conditions. Activities can be end-user oriented research and development with tests on/with representative samples of end users (e.g. clinical tests). It may also involve the development of a novel manufacturing production process and its testing in controlled conditions. The project should represent an improvement compared to existing products in terms of functionality and specification.

Innovation Process

To develop an innovation process to pilot scale. This requires the development and testing in a controlled environment close to industrial conditions. This innovation process may be tested by manufacturing a product that fits with end-users expectations. In this case the product should be an existing one, with a relatively new production process that offers substantially improved performances (customisation, precision, speed, ecological efficiency and/or cost) over the existing processes.

Understanding of Innovation

To widen the understanding of innovation by the application of a material or a process in order to create a new or wider application. This requires understanding of all parameters and modelling as well as the development of design rules and monitoring. In this case the project should transfer from niche to wider market products, hence increasing its societal impact and industrial dimension.

The INCOMERA application process will be a one-step procedure and will follow the below timeline:

  • Call for proposals opening: 15/01/2016
  • Proposals submission deadline: 15/04/2016 (17.00 Brussels time/CET)
  • NEW DEADLINE: 13/05/2016 (17.00 Brussels time/CET)
  • Communication to the proposals coordinators: 30/09/2016
  • Start of projects: Indicative January 2017. Please contact your Funding Agency

Proposals submitted to the INCOMERA call 2016 will typically be market oriented, industrial research projects with a short time to market (2-3 years after project).

Who can apply?

Project consortia consisting of at least two independent partners belonging to at least two different participating regions from different countries (see list of partners involved) can apply for funding. The consortia may involve as many partners as necessary. Partners from countries or regions not being INCOMERA members can participate with their own funding.

What kinds of projects are expected?

Funding is intended for innovative RDI projects, industrial research, short time to market and well balanced projects. Projects will last up to 24 months depending to the specific regional/national limits.

What budget is available?

No overall limits have been defined on INCOMERA level but national/regional limits apply

1. Before submitting a proposal, all project partners must contact their respective regional/national programmes agency in order to discuss the project and the funding conditions.

2. The proposal must be submitted by the project coordinator through an online application form available at www.incomera.eu

3. At the same time regional/national funding applications must be submitted to each of the involved agencies according to their specific rules.

INCOMERA will use a one-stage application process and the subsequent evaluation will occur in two stages.

  • 1. Internal Evaluation. The INCOMERA Secretariat and the regional/national agencies check the proposals according to common criteria and regional/national applications for funding.
  • 2. External Evaluation. The proposals submitted will be assigned to an independent expert panel for evaluation. As an output the INCOMERA Secretariat will set the final ranking list.

Funding for project partners of transnational consortia is provided by their respective regional/national support programmes.

All programmes and country related rules with regard to support topics, eligibility of partners, funding volume, etc. Unanimous positive decisions are required for funding.

Please consult your regional/national funding agency (contact persons are listed below) to obtain detailed programmes information.

All relevant documents (e.g. guidelines, templates) can be found at www.incomera.eu

A partner search tool is available at www.incomera.eu


KIT-PTKA (Germany)

Mr. Stefan Scherr + 49 721 608 25286
Ms. Martina Göttel +49 721 608 28561


IVACE (Spain)

Roberto Algarra +34 96 12 09 674
Javier Minguez + 34 96 12 09 713


Region Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine (France)*

Christophe Sagnier, +33 3 88 15 66 82

* Participation to be confirmed


Regione Piemonte (Italy)

Rossana Borello 0114324285


Région Hauts-de-France Nord Pas de Calais - Picardie

Aurélie Pétillon +33 3 28 82 76 40
Stéphanie Zwierz +33 3 28 82 76 71


TUBITAK (Turkey)

Ferhat GÜNER +90 312 468 5300


RWG (Greece)

Nikos Thomopoulos, + 30 2613611405


Wallonia (Belgium)

Nicolas Delsaux +32 81 33 45 20
Mobile : + 32 473 556 174


ICI (Iceland)

Guðbjörg H. Óskarsdóttir, Ph.D + (354) 522 9233


UEFISCDI (Romania)

Monica Cruceru +40 21 3080 561


IDEA (Spain)

Mr. José Antonio Pascual
Mr. Victor López Mielgo