Call for expression of interest for the setting-up of a list of individuals experts to assist in the evaluation of INCOMERA proposals

INCOMERA is an ERANET project (European Research Area Network). The objective of ERANET is to foster coordination of research and innovation policies between consortium partners. This ERANET brings together a number of 22 funding agencies from countries and regions for a duration of 4 years.

Its objective is to fund projects to bring technologies developed till a proof of concept validated in a laboratory closer to application and/or industrial process development. INCOMERA focuses on nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies. INCOMERA will support SME industrial projects to carry out activities like performance validation, system prototyping, end-user qualification etc...

The second INCOMERA call will be launched in January 2016. With this purpose, external and independent experts for proposal evaluation will be established by the INCOMERA Call Secretariat co-chaired by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitivness (IVACE) and by the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council.

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The objective of this call for experts is to setting-up a list of external experts, to assist the INCOMERA Call Secretariat in the evaluation of proposals within transnational joint call under INCOMERA project.

The INCOMERA Call Secretariat invites applications from individuals to be appointed in a database of independent experts, who could be called for evaluate proposals, according to the following call for expert timing:

Candidates who are interested in having their names entered in the list of experts for evaluating proposals within the second INCOMERA Call for proposals to be launched in 2016 are invited to submit their application in accordance with timing and rules set out below:

  • Opening: the 1st of December 2014
  • First cut-off date: the 30th of January 2015 at 3 p.m.
  • Second cut-off date: 16th of February 2016 at 3 p.m.
  • Evaluation process: from the 17th of February to 31st of March 2016
  • List of experts: the 1st of april 2016

Any person may submit an application at any time during the period of duration of the project according to Call for proposals deadlines

NOTICE: If you have submitted your candidature for the first call you do not need to submit it again.

Applications must be submitted using the on-line application system available on the INCOMERA website: For any information about the on-line application form and technical assistance, you may contact us sending an email to

After registration procedure, candidates have to provide their full details contacts and profile filling in the application form, and to attach a Curriculum Vitae in English language, by using INCOMERA survey link.

Application form contain the following information required:

  • Area of expertise: based on business or scientific background in NMP field
  • linguistic skills
  • Professional experience: current and past employment including title of position and years in the position according to business or scientific background in NMP field
  • Education and training: qualifications including title of qualification, subject or field, name of institution, country, and year awarded
  • Experience and knowledge as expert participating in the evaluation of RTD proposals at european and regional levels

Applicants should have almost one or more NMP field from the INCOMERA calls that fit professional experience and/or scientific expertise:

Nanosciences and nanotechnologies

Studying phenomena and manipulation of matter at the nanoscale and developing nanotechnologies and applying it to the manufacturing of new products, production processes and services. INCOMERA will fund activities to implement nanotechnologies in a material or production process.


Using the knowledge of nanotechnologies and biotechnologies in novel materials for new products and processes. Materials can be polymeric (e.g. films) or metal based, can be structured (e.g. textiles) or layered (composites) or can involve treatments of materials (e.g. coatings). INCOMERA will fund activities to apply novel materials in products or processes.

New production

Creating conditions for continuous innovation and for developing generic production 'assets' (technologies, organization and production facilities as well as human resources), while meeting safety and environmental requirements. INCOMERA will fund activities to develop production processes from a laboratory environment to pilot scale.

Integration of technologies for industrial applications

Focusing on new technologies, materials and applications. INCOMERA will fund activities to combine materials and processes for applications in a specific market.

Applicants should almost choose one of area of expertise between following fields and detail experience related to:

  • Research background, relating to scientific fields within INCOMERA project
  • Business background, relating to specialist fields within INCOMERA project ( Agrotech, Buildtech, Ecotech, Hometech, Geotech, Indutec, Medtech, Mobiltech, Packteh, Protech, Sporttech)

In order to be selected, applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  • · Hold a university degree;
  • · Have professional experience and/or scientific expertise acquired in one of the NMP fields mentioned in point 3
  • · Have a high-level of expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation and / or industrial background
  • · Appropriate working knowledge of English

The INCOMERA Call Secretariat draw up a list of external experts (database) selected on the basis of their curricula and their profiles according to the field/topics of INCOMERA project.

Experts are appointed by the Call Secretariat and selected on the basis of their profiles. The main focus is on the experts CVs and fields of research expertise in order to make the best match with the specific topics in INCOMERA proposals.

For each call, a peer review panel will be defined and composed of experts coming from stakeholders in the partner countries/regions and in other European organisations. At least 50% of evaluators will have an industrial background and/or previous experience linked to the innovation cycle. Special attention will be given to gender issue, in order to reach a good balance between male and female experts.

The list resulting from this call for expressions of interest is valid for the duration of the INCOMERA project.

Registration is therefore no guarantee for being appointed an expert. Inclusion on the list entails no obligation on the part of the contracting authority concerning the conclusion of contracts.

Appointed experts by the INCOMERA Call Secretariat will receive a contract that defines the rights, obligations, terms and conditions for the service. Experts are entitled to a fee of EUR 150 for each evaluated proposal.

Experts will also receive the guidelines for evaluation to help them in assessing proposals in a transparent and homogeneous way. Assignments may be carried out at home, place of work.

Each selected expert will be then contacted by the Call Secretariat to ensure their availibility for the first INCOMERA call and will be invited to sign a declaration of confidentiality (confidentiality agreement). To ensure the independence of proposal evaluations, on conclusion of their contract, the experts selected will have to sign a declaration certifying that they have no conflict of interests for the evaluation concerned.

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