Implementation of joint activities

The project will establish contact points (CP) in each region/country participating in the ERA-NET with the aim of offering additional support to increase the impact of the selected project proposals. More specifically, these contact points will help users to find more information about how to transform the results into commercial products.

For instance, the following service may be proposed on the platform:

Common guidelines for the creation of a business plan could be provided, to reinforce the capacity of each project to perform in that field. This service is related to the phase of preparation of project proposals.

A business plan for tourism sector

IPR & Business Plans

Support to Innovation

A network of business angels will be built-up, in support to funded projects. A contact with projects will be established through regular business dating and presentation of the project results ad prototypes.

Business Angels

Contact points will also prepare projects partnerships in protection and better exploitation of the research results in the different regions/countries.

European IPR Helpdesk

IPR - Useful documents

A space will be dedicated to marketing advices for new product preparation and verification of their commercial viability.

The role of public support in the commercialisation of innovations

Commercialization of academic research results (Vinnova)

KET Portal European Commission

The platform will facilitate the management of these services. The CP will work as a virtual network able to share information and take advantage from the experiences of the others.