Project description

Towards Europe 2020, European Commission adopted a comprehensive innovation strategy to enhance Europe's capacity to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This strategy concerns the so called concept of Smart Specialization Strategy.

By itself, sounds a challenging task, but it is of crucial importance, especially for less advanced regions. According to this concept, each region must set its own innovation priorities and streamline public funds in those technological fields, where certain advantages and thus exploitation prospects exist.

To detect and financially support NMP research results likely to provide solutions for innovative products, processes or services

Key Enabling Technologies and especially the NMP thematic area have been identified as a clear priority for investments in the EU notably within the context of smart specialization. INCOMERA will perform a thorough cross-regional analysis of competencies as well as of "needs, wants and expectations" of every regional ecosystem with the aim to support projects of beneficiaries with complementary skills and expertise, by involving both downstream and upstream partners across the value chain.

To analyse and assess the lessons from the measures taken and supported in various Member States to exploit transform research results.

There have been numerous innovation support services (i.e. NMP platform, gate2growth toolbox, access2finance etc) as well as funding programmes (CIP, RSFF, ERDF etc). However not all of them are successful measures for promoting commercialization and exploitation. INCOMERA will perform a thorough analysis of regional/national policies and services for supporting innovation, first to identify best practices and secondly to provide guidance for their transfer/adoption to other regions.

To provide operational guidance for supporting efficiently the successive steps between research and innovation, paying particular attention to the use of European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), in the context of Smart Specialization Strategies.

European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) cannot directly support exploitation activities but can be used to support market-oriented R&D activities. INCOMERA will identify best practices in terms of commercialization in order to analyze the grounds of their success. This mapping will provide important recommendations and guidance to regional authorities, funding agencies and all stakeholders responsible for strategic research decisions, when implementating their own innovation services.

Develop all synergy required for supporting SME's transnational/regional cooperation, within the context of each region's smart specialization strategy for enhancing the commercialization/productivity plans of NMP consortia

Launch an Online Platform for innovation providing tailored made services to NMP research projects that reached TRL4

Launch three joint calls for proposals to fund innovative industrial research projects close to the market